Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science, 2nd Edition
Graham Currell and Antony Dowman, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

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Using Minitab 15 for Data Analysis - Video examples

Minitab 15 - Video examples

Hypothesis tests / analyses for: Means, Variances, Medians, Correlation / Regression, Frequencies (contingency / goodness of fit), Proportion

The following links take you to video answers from the book which demonstrate the use of particular tests/analyses.

Tests for Mean values
  One-sample t-test Q10.1
  Two-sample t-test Q10.4 (summarised data), Q10.9iii
t-Test two sample - assumptions of equal variance (Minitab 15)
  Paired t-test Q10.6
  One-way ANOVA One-way ANOVA plant growth (Minitab 15)
  Two-way ANOVA Q11.3 (+ general linear model)
  Two-way ANOVA + Interaction Q11.4 (+ general linear model), Q11.5 (interaction plot)
  Tukey post hoc test  Q11.6
Tests for Variances
  F-test / Levene's test Q10.9ii
Tests for Median values (non-parametric)
  One-sample Wilcoxon test Q12.1
  Two-sample Mann-Whitney test Q12.2
  Paired Wilcoxon test Q12.3
  One-way Kruskal-Wallis test Q12.4
  Two-way Friedman test Q12.5, Q12.6
Test for Correlation / Regression
  Pearson's correlation Q13.1iii, Q13.2iii
  Residual plot / coefficient Q13.3
Tests for Frequency (chi-squared)
  Contingency table Q14.4
Chi-squared contingency test - correction for cell count < 5 (Minitab 15)
  Goodness of fit Q14.8
Test for Proportion
  Fisher's Exact test Q14.9
  Confidence Interval Q14.10