Study Guide:    Statistical variations in experimental data

book cover Produced by Graham Currell, University of the West of England, Bristol and:
Royal Society of Chemistry, 'Discover Maths for Chemists' website
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Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science, 2nd Edition
   Graham Currell and Antony Dowman, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

This study unit aims to develop the skills for handling simple calculations in science involving the application of basic statistics to experimental data. This is achieved by references given to sections and pages in the study text, Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science, and associated QVA tutorials - questions with video worked answers.
NB: The video tips and QVAs appear in 'pop-up' windows. If your browser blocks 'pop-ups', you can use CTRL+Enter or Right click with the mouse.

See also tutorials for using Microsoft Excel for data analysis:
Basic skills, Analysing experimental uncertainty and error

Accuracy and precision. Study Text: Section 1.2 (p2)
QVA tutorial

Mean and standard deviation. Study Text: Section 7.2 (p168)
QVA tutorial

Non-parametrics: median and quartile. Study Text: Section 7.1.2 (p163)
QVA tutorial

Mean, median, standard deviation & variance - calculations. Study Text: Section 7.2 (p168), 7.1 (p162)
QVA tutorial

Frequency distribution of data. Study Text: Section 7.3 (p176)
QVA tutorial

Skewness and kurtosis (advanced topic)
QVA tutorial - video feedback in preparation
Study Text: Skewness and kurtosis (pdf)

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