Growth Factors for Analysing Exponential Data - This page is in the process of development

Video Tutorials - Applications in science

  • Radioactivity decay - Half life:-  At = A0exp(-0.693 t / T1/2)
  • Bacterial colony decay - Decimal reduction time:-  Nt = N0exp(-2.303 t / TD)
  • Baterial growth - Generation time:-  Nt = N0exp(+0.693 t / TG)
  • Capacitor discharge - Decay time:-  Vt  = V0exp(- t / τ)

QVA Tutorials (questions + video answers):

These short quizzes (5 - 10 questions each, with video feedback) provide a quick way of checking and increasing your real understanding of using growth factors for the analysis of exponential data.

Background Theory

Toggle the links below to select different aspects of the theory of using a growth factor, F, for the analysis of exponential data.

General Theory

Radioactive Decay – Half Life, T1/2

Bacterial Decay – Decimal Reduction Time, TD,

Bacterial Growth - Generation Time, TG.

Capacitor Discharge – Decay Constant, τ.