Organic Chemistry for Bioscience Students: - Dr Dilys Thornton

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  • This page provides links to experimental videos introducing organic chemistry for students on the module: Biological Molecules.
  • These videos are being developed under the CFOF project funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • The material is NOT yet in a form that can be used as part of a 'stand-alone' teaching programme.
  Topic Video Self Assessment Questions
01 Introduction  
02 The Elements 02SAQ_Menu
03 Masses of Atoms, Relative Atomic Mass, the Mole 03SAQ
04 Atoms, Electrons and the Periodic Table 04SAQ Video Question
05 Families of Elements 05SAQ Video Question
06 Bonding 06SAQ Video Question
07 Carbon Compounds – an introduction  
08 Organic Functional Groups 1 08SAQ Video Question
09 Organic Functional Groups 2 09SAQ Video Question
10 Representation of Organic Structures 10SAQ Video Question
11 Simple Reactions of Organic Molecules 11SAQ Video Question
12 Intermolecular Forces  
13 Solubility  
14 Structural Isomerism 14SAQ Video Question
15 Stereoisomerism 1 15SAQ Video Question
16 Stereoisomerism 2 16SAQ Video Question
17 Stereoisomerism 3  

Video Screen Shots:   Download a pdf file containing all the screen images for the above videos: VideoScreens.pdf

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Note to Tutors:
Please let us know if you would like to use or evaluate any of the above with your own students, and
we will ensure that the links are maintained for the full academic year.

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