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Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science, 2nd Edition
Graham Currell and Antony Dowman, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

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This is a new section that is being developed to support individual/group study in the use of mathematics and statistics in science - including self assessment, video tutorials, and case studies

Institutions who adopt the book as part of their study programme can receive assistance in the

development and hosting of customised 'Study Guide' web pages:

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Excel Tutorials:

Tutorial files & Video examples for using Excel for scientific data analysis

Minitab 15 Tutorials:

Example videos for using Minitab 15 for scientific data analysis

General Resources:

Greek symbols

Statistical tables

Further mathematical / statistical topics by Chapter:

Chapter 0 - Revision Mathematics

Chapter 4 - Linear Relationships

Chapter 7 - Statistics for Science

Chapter 8 - Distributions and Uncertainty

Chapter 9 - Scientific Investigation

Chapter 10 - t-tests and F-tests

Chapter 11 - Analysis of Variance

Chapter 12 - Non-Parametric Tests

Chapter 14 - Frequency and Proportion

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