Organic Chemistry Videos: - Dr Dilys Thornton

The following flash videos have been made using funding from the Chemistry for our Future project.

Apart from the videos in section 01, the topics covered are commonly found in level 1 Organic Chemistry syllabi.

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01 From GCSE to Level 1 Organic Chemistry

This series of clips takes you through some of the basic aspects of chemistry which are covered in the A level syllabus and which are necessary before you can study organic chemistry at level 1.

Not all of the relevant material in the A level syllabus is included. Some of this will be used to provide an introduction to other video clips developed at UWE in the area of organic chemistry.


02 Structure and Bonding in Organic Molecules


03 Classification of Organic Reactions and Reagents


04 Electronic Effects in Organic Molecules


05 Nucleophilic Aliphatic Substitution Reactions, Eliminations and Grignard Reagents


06 Electrophilic Reactions at Unsaturated Carbon Atoms


07 Stereochemistry


08 Organic Spectroscopy I


09 Basics of Organic Synthesis and an Introduction to Retrosynthetic Analysis

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