Mathematics and Statistics for Science


This website uses video and self-assessment tutorials to help you use mathematics and statistics in science, and can help you in FIVE main ways:-

UWE Final Year Project
For assistance with data analysis for final year research projects, please contact:
Graham Currell on:

Download: Notes on Preparing and analyzing questionnaires

The website acts as the companion website for the textbook:
"Essential Mathematics and Statistics for Science" 2nd Ed
by G Currell and A A Dowman. Pub. Wiley-Blackwell, 2009
> Video answers are provided for all the questions in the textbook.

Study Guides
Study guides are provided to help you develop your use of mathematics and statistics for scientific applications,
> e.g. units, logs and exponentials, uncertainty, hypothesis testing.

Specific context-based tutorials focus on the usee of mathematics and statistics in certain applications,
>e.g. chemistry,forensic science, analysing experimental data

Using Excel
Instructional video tutorials demonstrate the step-by-step use of Microsoft Excel for analysing and solving problems in science.

We are happy to work with other staff in the development of new materials, particularly in the production of videos for context-based problems in science. Anyone interested in these types of learning materials, please contact us via email as below.

Please let us know if you wish to use any of these materials in your own teaching so that we can ensure that we maintain the relevant links.

Graham Currell