Multivariate Data


Multivariate data refers to a situation where you record several response variables as the outcomes of your research.
This may occur in many different ways, e.g.

Multivariate data can usually be set out in a table, with the columns giving the different variable values that you record and the rows giving the subject being measured, e.g. the person in the questionnaire, the plant being measured, the particular fingerprint being analysed, pollution sample, etc.


ACTION: You now need to

When performing your data analysis:

Multivariate analysis of your data would  involve analysing two or more of your response variables together as joint response variables.


Univariate analysis of your data would involve performing individual analyses on each of your response variables separately.


Note that testing for correlation between two or more variables (e.g. does weight and height increase together) does not imply multivariate analysis.