Study Guides: Mathematics in Science

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These on-line Study Guides have been developed by Graham Currell in association with:
Royal Society of Chemistry, 'Discover Maths for Chemists' website,
University of the West of England,
"Essential Mathematics and Statistic for Science", 2nd Edition,
Graham Currell and Antony Dowman, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009

These 'skills focus' study guides provide video introductions or study references with a sequence of self assessments, with video feedback, to take you through the main individual calculation steps. The self-assessment questions allow you to find where you may need some tutorial help, and the video feedback clips may act as a sufficient 'tutorial' in themselves. If futher help is required, the guides provide links to tutorial material from a range of other sources.

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Programme Study Guides

Mathematics for Chemists: a Basic Study Guide - (MS Word doument)

You can download this guide to a suggested programme of study that would be appropriate for a chemist, or other science student, wishing to develop his/her understanding of mathematics.
This is a MS Word document that:
• provides hyperlinks to QVA tutorials (questions and video answers) that provide tutorial resources in the key topics supported by video feedback,
• provides hyperlinks to video tutorials on the use of MS Excel for data analysis,
• provides hyperlinks to other resources in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s ‘Discover Maths for Chemists’ website.
Tutors and course leaders can edit this Word document to tailor the study programme to match a specific course of study.